Industrial dielectric platform TUBESCA, mod. SHERPA FIBERGLASS

Industrial dielectric platform TUBESCA, mod. SHERPA FIBERGLASS


This secure fibreglass platform, available with 3 to 5 steps, will allow industrial maintenance professionals and electricians to use it safely against electric shocks of up to 10,000 V. This platform has a rigid semi-automatic guardrail and built-in toeboards and combines compliance with PIRL 93-353 standards and the EN 50528 electrical test.
- With the glass fibre uprights, work can be done in total safety without any risk of electric shocks.
- Rigid 360° guardrail with insulated Rilsan-coated protection.
- Independent fold-away stabilizers with patented millimetric adjustment system.
- Non-slip 600 x 420 mm platform with integrated toeboards (height: 100 mm).
- Ribbed non-slip steps crimped in place (width: 80 mm).
- Large capacity tool-tray with carrying handles.
- Two large diameter wheels for easy moving.

Technical features                           Description
Use                                                     Ultra intensive
Type of floor                                      Flat floor
Max access / working height (m)    3,17m
Dimension stairs / steps (mm)        80mm
Material                                               Fiberglass
Maximum load (kg)                           150kg
Warranty (years)                                 2
Standard                                              PIRL NFP 93353 ; EN 50528
Decree                                                  2004/924

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