Welding helmets for powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) CleanAir, mod. Welding

Welding helmets for powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) CleanAir, mod. Welding


Welding helmet CA-20 - equipped with auto-darkening filters (Balder Grand) which use the revolutionary Angular Dependence Compensation ADC Plus technology. CA-20 represents the combination of high-level optical quality 1/1/1/1 and the highest class of respiratory protection TH3.

Welding helmet CA-27 YOGA - with built-in air distribution system and high-quality auto-darkening filter AerTEC® X100. In combination with powered air purifying respirators or airline systems CleanAIR® provides an advanced level of protection from hazardous contaminants in very demanding welding environments.

Welding helmet CA-29 Evolve - Ergonomic in its design, CA-29 Evolve is featuring a lightweight flip-up combination of an auto-darkening welding helmet and a transparent protective visor. Thanks to the stable flip-up welding visor, this helmet provides an excellent protection for welding and subsequent surface finishing operations.
The flip-up front can be lifted up onto the top of the helmet, whenever a wide view is needed. The unique flip-up mechanism optimises the center of gravity and reduces the required space. The flip-up welding shield allows using either of an auto-darkening filter or a passive welding filter with standard dimension 110×90 mm and thus provides protection of the face and eyes against harmful ultraviolet/infrared radiation and welding spatters.

Safety helmet CA-40GW with grinding and welding shield - In addition to efficient protection of the respiratory tract, this helmet protects also the head, sight and face against fast flying particles (indicated: A) and at the same time provides basic protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Welding shield with auto-darkening filter V9-13 DS further provides protection against harmful ultraviolet / infrared radiation and welding splashing.

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