Ergonomic anti-fatigue mat COMPLETE SMOOTH ESD

Ergonomic anti-fatigue mat COMPLETE SMOOTH ESD


Complete Smooth ESD is a feature-rich ergonomic mat that can withstand light exposure to oils and other liquids while providing enhanced antistatic protection. It is flame retardant when exposed to an open flame, which qualifies Complete Smooth ESD as flame retardant according to the EN 13501-1 standard.
- Molded from durable, lightweight pure polyurethane
- Thickness – 11 mm.
- Tolerates light exposure to oil and other liquids
- Designed with improved static control. Electrical resistance: 1 x 108Ω - 4 x 108Ω IEC-61340 4-1/ESD STM7.1-2001
- Fireproof
- Can be customized in any shape and size
- Always beveled on every edge
- Operating temperature range from 5⁰C (40⁰F) to 35⁰C (95⁰F)
- Class 5 for clean rooms according to ISO (class 100).
- Comes with a yellow bevel
- Silicone and latex free
- 5 years warranty
- This product is available in the following color options: LIGHT GRAY

! The mats can be made in all Standard Sizes - 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 cm wide X arbitrary length.
For mats with holes, yellow chamfers or non-standard sizes: +15% will be added per process!

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