Escape device DPI Sekur, mod. SEKUR ESCAPE

Escape device DPI Sekur, mod. SEKUR ESCAPE


Sèkur esCAPe is an escape device with filter that protects respiratory organs, eyes and face against hazardous substances and smoke developed in the event of fire.
Sèkur EsCAPe has been approved in accordance with EN 403.The hood is made of a thin poliimmidic film, resistant to heat, high temperatures and flame. Its special colour let wearers be visible even in the presence of smoke. The transparency of the hood allows a distortion- and aberration-free vision. All materials are heat and flame resistant, and grant the device a high impact resistance. Sèkur esCAPe is an escape device equipped with a mouthpiece and a nose clip, that allow a high degree isolation of the wearer in a contaminated environment. Sèkur esCAPe is recommended to protect respiratory organs from dust, gases and vapours, which may be given off in the event of fire. The combined filter protects the user from P2 dusts, acrolein, HCl, HCN and carbon monoxide also in high concentrations (until 10000ppm of CO). The protection against particles, gas and vapours is guaranteed for 15 minutes. This device is for a single use only. Total weight is of about 500 grams.

Sèkur Escape - Smoke hood with filter, without hanging clip - 43390300
Sèkur Escape - (1 piece) with clip and single anchor on the wall - 43390301
Sèkur Escape - (3 pcs) with clip and triple anchor on the wall - 43390302

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