Safety Cable Padlock Lotomaster, mod. LM-ULPP-CS150-KD

Safety Cable Padlock Lotomaster, mod. LM-ULPP-CS150-KD


Safety Cable Padlock Keyed Different 150mm Cable Length, vertical clearance 75mm, Stainless Steel Cable

Safety Cable Padlock features a flexible cable as the padlock shackle which make them more versatile than the standard safety padlocks as it provides multi purpose solution. It also doubles up as a Cable Lockout to be used in tight spaces where the normal padlocks are difficult to apply.

It is easy to angle and twist the cable and isolate energy points in tight application areas. The padlock complies with OSHA standards and the length of the cable makes it possible to secure several Breaker Lockouts or energy points simultaneously.

The cable is specially manufactured from high grade stainless steel for use in harsh corrosive environments. Overall the complete Padlock is rust proof as the body is manufactured from high quality engineering grade plastic which is lightweight yet robust. This padlock is ideal for severe weather conditions. This padlock too comes with the safety key retaining feature which retains the key until it is locked.
- Lock body made from special engineering grade plastic provides durability and high safety with light weight and weather-resistance
- Cable Shackle made from high grade stainless steel for protection against rust and high resistance against pulling and torsion
- 6-pin precision-machined key cylinders offer more unique key cuts, better tamper resistance
- Key retaining feature ensures key cannot be removed until the padlock is securely closed
- Ideal for Lockout applications in severe weather conditions like Sea and Port areas and other highly corrosive environments
- Cable length 150mm
- Non-conductive Padlock body
- Ribbed padlock body for better gripping and handling
- Color - Blue
- Body Material - ABS
- Shackle Material - Stainless Steel
- Body Size - 38 x 20 x 44 mm
- Cable Vertical Clearance - 75 mm
- Cable Diameter - 3 mm
- Key System - Keyed Different

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