Lift Magnet-permanent lifting magnet

Lift Magnet-permanent lifting magnet


The LIFT MAGNET is a magnet of raising with a ring.

Permanent Lifting Magnet is compact and self-contained. It is a new concept product for lifting and handling steel plates, pipes, beams and cylindrical work pieces of ferromagnetic materials.

It contains powerful NdFeB permanent magnet to maintain holding power indefinitely. It is not only convenient in operation with a strong holding force, but also safe and reliable. No electric power is needed, so it can be operated in places where electric power is not available.

Our model for permanent lifting magnet is PML. It lifts, transports and releases the load rapidly with the simple motion of a lever using a single operator.

Once activated, a spring-loaded device blocks the maoeuvering lever preventing any accidental desactivation. It features a 3.5:1 safety factor of the recommended load.
Permanent Lifting Magnet is widely used for lifting and hoisting in factories, warehouses, on wharves and at transport facilities.

- Available in the lifting capacities of 100 / 300 / 600 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 /6000 KG.
- 3.5 times for safety factor
- No electrical power required
- Self-locking safety block prevents accidental desactivation
- Maintenance free with zero running costs.

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