Lockout Padlock Lotomaster, mod. LM-ULPP-RS

Lockout Padlock Lotomaster, mod. LM-ULPP-RS


- Material:  Body - ABS / Shackle - Steel
- Size: Shackle Length 38mm or 75mm, Shackle Diameter 6mm

Loto Master Safety Lockout Padlocks are designed specifically for use in Lockout/Tagout applications. These Padlocks are compact yet rugged and have a body that is tough, durable and ultra lightweight that make them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments
- Compliance with OSHA "One employee, one lock, one key' directive to ensure duplicate keys are not issued
- Permanent write-on labels for individual marking
- Key retaining design to ensure padlock is not left unlocked
- 6-pin precision machined keys for extra security
- Customize your system with choice of 10 bright colors : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Black, Brown, Grey & White
- Available in Keyed different, Keyed Alike and with Master Keyed option to best suits your Lockout / Tagout program

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