Ancillaries HESKINS

Ancillaries HESKINS


We always recommend the use of ancillaries below to help with the service life of our anti slip tape.

Surface Primer H3506 - ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as wood, concrete or stone prior to application of our anti slip tape to prevent moisture degrading the adhesive; it also greatly helps to create an extra bond on other surfaces.
The normal tin size is 1 litre which covers approximately 5m², it is simply brushed into place. For larger applications we can also offer 5L and 25L tins which offer substantial cost savings.

IPA Cleaner H3508 - To effectively clean surfaces before our grip tape is applied we recommend our Heskins IPA cleaner, it helps to remove contaminants, it does not leave behind a greasy residue unlike methylated spirits, petrol etc.
Available in 1 litre bottle, this provides substantial cleaning as only a very small amount is required

Keying Agent H3510 - Heskins H3510 keying agent is an advance in adhesive technology, in the battle against low energy surfaces. All self-adhesive bases are liquid based and as such they need to 'wet out', which means they need friction to bond with a surface. The less friction, or energy, the less efficient the bond will be. H3510 keying agent, applied in small amounts, will increase the amount of energy in a surface and help create that efficient and durable bond. H3510 is only required for a very small amount of surfaces, normally these are PUR, some PPs etc, these surfaces typically exhibit low surface energy levels. H3510 is available in small 118ml bottles as only a very small amount is required per application.

Rubber Mallet - intended for use on our conformable Safety Grip™. Used to help conformable to conform to any irregular surface it is applied to, the mallet head is rubber to prevent damage to the surface, but increase the service life of conformable anti slip tape.
Heskins provide rubber mallets with a wooden handle to reduce vibration and increase comfort. It is varnished to prevent splintering.
The mallets weight is 525 grams.

Seam Roller - available to help increase the durability of your anti slip tape or floor marking tape application. By using the seam roller once you have applied your anti slip or floor marking tape, by applying pressure to the surface with the seam roller, this increases the bond between the adhesive and floor surface. This results in a quickly cured surface with a durable application.
The seam roller is made from a semi-ridged foam, that will allow pressure to be applied without damaging the surface. The handle is made from plastic, coated in rubber to enhance grip and comfort.
The rollers weight is 136 grams.

Edge Fix H3502 - helps to prevent the lifting of the Safety-Grip™ antislip in high traffic areas. One simply applies the edge fix down the side of the tape using the narrow nozzle built into the tube, it helps to secure the product and extend its life.
A 140ml tube will cover approximately 35 linear metres, for larger quantities we can offer an automated pressure pot system. A pressure pot system is a method of applying the edge fix sealer with rapid production line speed, all it requires is a compressed air line to be in place, Heskins will then supply the pot chamber and the applicator, the pressure pot system enables huge material cost savings compared to 140ml tubes.
Only a very small amount is required for bonding the edges of our grip tape.

Squeegee - Heskins squeegee is a useful tool in the application of reflective tape. The squeegee helps to remove air bubbles, and prevent tearing on the application.
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