Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) CleanAir, mod. AerGO

Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) CleanAir, mod. AerGO


CleanAIR® AerGO® – universal powered air purifying respirator designed for personal respiratory protection in dusty industrial environments including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapours.
The unit is provided with a control system of constant air flow and with an advanced electronic system for warning the wearer in case of a sudden decrease of airflow or of a low battery charge. The ergonomic design, low weight and slim profile of the unit guarantee a high level of user comfort, even in environments with limited possibilities of movement. The unit is compatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops for various industrial applications.
Areas of application
- Dusty industrial environments, including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapours
- Automotive industry, shipbuilding industry
- Welding, grinding and surface finishing operations
- Building industry
Features & Benefits
- Ergonomic design and low weight – only 980 g
- Slim profile of the unit – only 65 mm
- Universal usage – filtration of particulate contaminants, gases and vapours
- Operation time exceeds 20 hours with the Heavy Duty battery, or is up to 10 hours with the standard battery
- Short battery recharging time less than 3 hours (standard battery)
- Adjustable airflow (160 lpm and 210 lpm)
- Constant airflow control regardless to the state of the filter and the battery capacity
- Audiovisual and vibrating alarm indicating a low airflow and a low battery charge
- Simple control with only one button
- Ergonomic and comfortable belt which is easy to exchange
- Unique solution of the filter sealing which provides a perfect unit seal after every change of the filter

Technical data
Air flow     160 lpm and 210 lpm
Operation time*     up to 10 hours with Standard battery and more than 20 hours with Heavy Duty battery
Weight     980 g (incl. standard battery)
Noisiness     max. 70 dB
Dimensions     235 mm / 126 mm / 65 mm
Battery Standard     Li-Ion 14,4 V / 2,6 Ah
Battery Heavy Duty     Li-Ion 14,4 V / 5,2 Ah
Certification     EN 12941 TH3

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