Tubular BUFF, mod. Thermal

Tubular BUFF, mod. Thermal


- BUFF® Professional Collection: Designed for professional use.
- Legendary outdoor comfort: seamless, multifunctional.
- Totally seamless, maximum comfort.
Multifunctional seamless made of Thermolite® fabric for great comfort, warmth and efficient humidity management.
- Unique fiber structure properties (Thermolite® tech).
- Maintains body temperature and skin dry in cold weather environments.
- Breathable.
- Polygene® treatment: stays clean during longer periods avoiding bacterial growth and odors.
- 100% Polyester.
Ideal for:
All-year-round product: efficient protection against cold and variable weather conditions, specially fit for moderate cold weather thanks to the Thermolite® technology.
Ancho 24 cm
Largo 50 cm
Peso 35 gr

*Minimum order quantity - 50 pcs.

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