Waterproof Anti Slip Tape HESKINS, mod. H3405 Aqua-Safe

Waterproof Anti Slip Tape HESKINS, mod. H3405 Aqua-Safe


Aqua-Safe is our original non-abrasive waterproof anti slip tape.  In many instances an abrasive material cannot be used or is not ideal, this could be for the following reasons:

- The product must be cleaned easily.
- There must be no shedding of grit.
- A normal abrasive surface might abrade skin, fabric, wet suits or other materials in that particular situation.
- Cleaning machines or processes would not be compatible with an abrasive substrate.

For the reasons above we created aqua-safe over 16 years ago!  Aqua-Safe has an embossed plastic surface, the pattern has a texture that provides an effective, waterproof non-slip surface. Aqua-Safe is a brilliant product with many advantages; as the material is produced by an embossing roller (an embossing roller cannot create any ‘hidden’ areas, the pattern will only have completely exposed areas) it has no cavities where bacteria/dirt etc can harbor, a perfect use for this would be kitchens, sterile manufacturing locations, food preparation areas etc.

For use on boats, in showers, baths and other bare foot areas the aqua-safe non slip waterproof tape is perfect, providing a perfect combination of grip and comfort under skin.  For applying on baths or showers we recommend applying anti slip disks or use strips in a ladder effect, for ease of use we have various shapes off the shelf including 50mmx3m rolls that contain 40mm disks and 20mmx200mm strips. Aqua-Safe anti slip tape has the advantage of being very tough and provides superb impact protection, due to its thick homogenous construction many of our customers apply it onto metal surfaces to provide resistance against scratching and damage.

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