Speakman SE-4300 Portable Eyewash, 80 liter gravity-fed eyewash

Speakman SE-4300 Portable Eyewash, 80 liter gravity-fed eyewash


• Gravity operated eyewash
• 80-liter capacity tank
• Includes drench hose for body flushing
• Elastomeric pull-strap activator
• Shelf or wall mounted design

The SE-4300 portable GravityFlo(R) eyewash is the next best thing to a plumbed eyewash for locations with no potable plumbed water source. The SE-4300's 20-gallon capacity tank provides a run time in excess of the ANSI Z358.1 15-minute requirement while providing an exceptional spray for eye washing. A simple pull of the yellow elastomeric strap activates the unit, allowing for hands-free operation. An integral drain allows for flushing fluid to be contained, avoiding slip hazards. The SE-4300 is the industry's only portable eyewash with a built-in port for an optional side fitting drench hose, allowing for spot body flushing.
- Sprayheads are Coated with an Anti-Microbial Finish, Providing Additional Contaminate Protection
- Factory Pre-assembled Eyewash Unit Reduces Installation Time
- Self Draining Aquaduct Design and Integral Strainer Helps Reduce the Risk of Bacteria Growth and Debris Build-up
- High Visibility Yellow BradTect Coating Provides Superior Corrosion Resistance
- Ergonomic Hand Activation Handle is Located in the Rear of the Unit, Providing Easy Access From any Direction
- Separate Supply and Waste Pipes Meet CEN and Plumbing Requirements
- Enhanced Dust Cover Design Activates Water Flow Immediately When Opened
- Includes Inspection Tags and Safety Identification Sign

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