Rescue kit RidgeGear, mod. RGR14

Rescue kit RidgeGear, mod. RGR14


Accredited to: EN 341:2011 & EN 1496:2006/2017, EN 795:2012 Type B, EN 362:2004
Max descent rate 0.8 m/s
Max descent load 200kg
Max lifting capacity 140kg
Kit Contains:    
- Rescue device (MRG9 Easy)
- 100m, 50m or 20m rope
- 2 x RGK2P karabiners attached to rope
- RGK26DC Slingky - 2m anchorage sling with wear sleeve
- Telescopic Rescue Pole
- RGS4 roll top weather-proof bag with carry straps
- 11kg (100m kit)
- 8kg (50m kit)
- 6kg (20m kit)
Size(s): 940 x 370 x 250mm

Product Description
The only rescue kit you’ll need. Essential when it comes to performing quick, effective recovery. The Ridge Rescue is the perfect solution to rescue a worker in the event of a fall. It enables you to raise or lower the casualty and no cutting is required. Available in various rope lengths 100m, 50m, 20m for any rescue situation.

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