Slingky Anchorage Sling RidgeGear, mod. RGK26DC

Slingky Anchorage Sling RidgeGear, mod. RGK26DC


Slingky Anchorage Sling
Accredited to:  EN795:2012, Type B

Size(s): 1m and 2m
Material:     MT-X webbing (UHMWPE yarn) 14mm
Minimum Breaking Strength:     > 22kN
- Extrememly lightweight and abrasion resistant
- Made from our sister company Marling Leek’s MT-X webbing, using UHMWPE yarn
- Extensively tested to be ultra-resistant to cuts and abrasion
- Offers great breaking strength-to-weight ratio

The RGK26DC is a quick and convenient way to attach fall arrest equipment to objects too large for a standard scaffold hook attachment method. It can also be used for attaching rescue equipment and secondary back-up systems.

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