Gas & Vapour filter ABEK1 3M, mod. 6059

Gas & Vapour filter ABEK1 3M, mod. 6059


The 3M 6059 ABEK1 Filters protect against organic vapours, inorganic vapours, acid gases, ammonia and derivatives.
Filters are specially designed and shaped to give "swept-back" position to enable excellent field of vision and balance.
• Lightweight
• Low breathing resistance
• Well balanced when fitted to a mask
• Provides excellent field of vision as a result of the unique trapezoidal shape
• Bayonet fitting system ensures precise and secure locking
• Versatility: can be used on all 6000, 7000 and 7500 Series half masks and full face masks
• 6000 series gas and vapour filters can be used in combination with the 3M 5000 Particulate Filters to provide combined particulate and vapour protection.
• 6096, 6098 and 6099 filters include a P3 particulate filter

Standard: EN14387
Approval: CE marked

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